The Social Phenomenon

Blogs have recently gained the tag of being a social phenomenon and that too, for all the right reasons.

Listed below are a few points or rather reasons which have majorly contributed to the popularity of blogging:

  • Simple to use– no problem of any web design, HTML coding, etc.: Blogs are simple to create and simpler to use. There are no issues whatsoever of any mistake in typing the HTML code or in the web design or any other software related issue. You do not need to be a computer genius or even have a detailed knowledge about them to start a blog.
  • Makes you literally a published author!: A blog takes out your creative side. Your creative side can be further enhanced if you use your blog as a platform to right a fictional or non-fictional novel, poem, short story, what to see in Manchester, etc., and voila! you are a published author with people appreciating or criticising your work and also providing you the platform for improvement.
  • Connects you with people: An online blog is a great way to connect with people. Many celebrities use it for publicity or to gain popularity also.
  • Helps you in promoting your business, product or service: A blog is a very good platform to promote and advertise for your business, product or service. It makes people conscious about your existence and also makes them aware about your services in detail. This helps in attracting customers.

Helps in creating and promoting communities of like-minded people: You express your thoughts and voice your opinions through a blog. This makes your readers aware about them and the ones who agree with you make it known to you. Therefore, you get to know about the people who have a similar thought process like you.