25 thoughts on “Mario Kart Wii Epic moments

  1. Okay. This is . I mean, in front of all these people, come on! Yes, I’m doing this on my  at night. That’ how I’ve been doing all these emotions. For example, I  ! I was born in a .

  2. …its hard to argue if we’re actually trying to…it works better when its unintentional D:

  3. Your username is…uh yeah weird. I mean “VirusZero578” youve got to be kidding me. (Thats all i can think of too)

  4. Fine D:< ......*thinks* ...ur username is unoriginal D:< (yes thats the best i could come up with x.x)

  5. Yeah but u said ‘tell me when ur ready’ so u have to start D:
    Besides, I dunno what to argue about

  6. Hey remember me virus the one you were always arguing with? Well im ready for a new argument so tell me when your ready

  7. That’s exactly what I thought when I looked it over XD
    My dumb fault for throwing an Item directly in front of me and continuing on that path tho x.x

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